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2012-11-06, 15:03
Now, it's time to have a little challenge between Sherbrooke's and Laval's faithfuls.

Let's see. Since it's the Dunsmore and Laval's fans have been pretty obnoxious all these years, I'll give you the standard deal.

The loser(s) will wear the avatar of the other team for a full week. They'll also praise the winner each day of this week.

Come in and say I'm IN"

Now, be fair. We're numerous fans at Laval while Sherbrookois seem few and far between. If only one enlist, I'll be the only Laval Fan to bet. If any other accept the challenge, all fans writing I'm IN will be fully commited.

Now for the insults to motivate you for the combat...

***Fenris remove his gauntlet and throw it in the mddle of the place with a metalic sound.***

Did you know you're even less than Carabins? You're just the spawn of the infamous UdeM itself the spawn of Mighty Laval. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if you curs fled before us, sons of the godlike Laval. I wouldn't be surprised if you all cowed behind your false messiah while he threw everything he has at us. Our (of course) Mighty defenders will catch so many he'll be unable to sleep for days.

2012-11-06, 15:42
So you're challenging 'Generic Non-existent Sherbrooke Fan' him/herself? :)

Collin Creevey
2012-11-06, 17:00
So you're challenging 'Generic Non-existent Sherbrooke Fan' him/herself? :)

Freakin awesome!

2012-11-07, 02:28
So you're challenging 'Generic Non-existent Sherbrooke Fan' him/herself? :)

They're not inexistant! They're just mythical. I know some people whose brother in law know of someone whose sister has seen tracks! Isn't that proof enough?

I, myself, have seen many such mythical beasts. I've seen Bishop's fans! I've even seen a very strange beast indeed; paid overtime!

Okay, Okay. I don't believe in pure fictions like McGill's fans, honest politicians or time and a half paid overtime.

Anyway. I'm sure Sherbrooke's fans exist. I'm nearly as sure of this as I am that Santa Claus exist!

2012-11-09, 02:09
It seems Santa Claus doesn't exist after all... :mad:

2012-11-10, 13:35
Why do I feel let down by Sherbrooke Fans?