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2012-10-05, 19:53
As a long time lurker I feel it is time to introduce myself. The Vanier Cup last year, in my humble opinion was simply a tremendous football game, solidified my opinion that football in Canada has finally come of age.

I was born and raised in Ontario (a UWO grad, yes I know..."THEM"...but my grandfather, uncle, aunt, mother, and two of my brothers are all Western grads so what choice did I have right?...actually I did also attend the University of Windsor and supported their football program)

My dad took me to U of T games and later in life I moved to the west coast and discovered the SFU Clan and UBC Thunderbirds. Let me tell you this: the west coast is simply stunning and spectacular...the support in the stands not so much. Between the pouring rain and the unknown opponents ( The Puget Sound Loggers???) the crowds were sparse but the passion for football was not. One of my strongest memories is of a Shrum Bowl @ Swangard.

I am probably rambling but in short: Football is the greatest team game I know, and in Canada it deserves more support. I'll offer my opinion from time to time and in between I'll be a keen observer (and enjoy the comments and observations of the rest of you).

Thanks for providing this forum.

2012-10-05, 20:02
Welcome Simon !
...... And ramblings okay.:)

2012-10-06, 02:55
You must have long week-ends, watching Western, Windsor, Toronto, UBC and SFU....must be single ! ;)

Welcome aboard Simon.

2012-10-06, 04:41
discovered the SFU Clan
I believe the proper appellation is The Mighty Clan(tm)

Welcome aboard, brother.

2012-10-06, 05:29
No worries, great intro! Nice to get a little background. Hope you enjoy the discussions around here Simon!